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Mercado da Terra - Sintra (Estefânia)

The market’s image has been renewed. The taste and tradition are the same as always!

The Estefânia Producers Market, in Sintra, saw its image renewed by the hands of the MoonOp team. A project that aimed to advertise this space to new customers, especially those below the age of 50.

In an age when families are increasingly concerned about healthy food, preferably free of harmful substances, it becomes very interesting to “go back” or even learn about the options at local markets for the first time. Here, you can buy products directly from the source and still support the local economy!

It was a pleasure to develop this project together with A2S – Association for the Sustainable Development of the Saloia Region for the Sintra City Council.

Besides the creation of the new graphic line and the production of several materials, we had the opportunity to develop a promotional video on site and feel up close the genuineness of the national producers that develop their activity there, some of them since the birth of this market!

Work performed:

Branding > Creation of the new image for the Market “Mercado da Terra”;

Production of Merchandising items (aprons for producers and reusable bags for customers);

Design and Production of large format pieces for space decoration: Roll-ups, Beach Flags;

Design and production of flyers;

Interviews with producers with biography/life story surveys for integration into a web platform;

– Promotional video.


Graphic Design

Large Format Production

Promotional video

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